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Located only steps from the shores of the Old Lake and embedded within a beautiful natural environment, the Oreg-to Club Hotel of Tata, Hungary reflects familiar devotion and great Hungarian hospitality. Its 3 hectares of park create an idyllic place to relax, while the historical and cultural sights of Tata, the baroque townlet - also known as town of waters - are perfect for passionate sightseers.



Oreg-to Club Hotel can accomodate 45 persons, in 1-2-3 bedded rooms. 


Singe room 6.900 HUF/person/night (bathroom, single bed, wardrobe, TV)

Double or twin room: 11.900 HUF/night (bathroom, double bed, wardrobe, TV)

Apartments (for 2 with 2 other extra beds) 15.900 HUF/room/night (large sitting room, bathroom, TV and fridge)

(Local tax and breakfast not included! Local tax 500 HUF/ person/ night from age 18)

Contact us 

Tel: 0036 34/487-960 

Mobil: 06 30 756 6116

 E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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